It’s all too easy to find an Instagram page or YouTube channel you love, but what about good old-fashioned blogs? The internet abounds with vegan blogs even if modern social media is currently stealing the spotlight. We’ve found the best vegan blogs on the internet and we’re giving you a little cheat sheet, so you can be in the know and jump right in. Since blogs have long been established but are currently on the back burner, we wanted to define what one is just in case you aren’t quite sure. A blog is defined as “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

The blogs we chose have been hand-selected, are ones we read ourselves, and follow certain criteria to get on this list. We based our decisions on the following criteria:

Is the blog 100 percent vegan?

This website shares a completely vegan, compassionate lifestyle and we support blogs who do the same. Whether you went vegan for animal rights, for your health or for the planet, we support you 100 percent. We want to help you find blogs that endorse this lifestyle. This way you don’t have to try and navigate what recipes or articles are worth your time.

Is the blog current and updated on a frequent and regular basis?

A lot of blogs are started with good intentions and slowly die. We chose blogs that are regularly updated and provide consistent streams of information, not just every now and again or for three months in a row back in 2015.

Is the blog design easy to use and aesthetically pleasing?

They may have told us not to judge a book by its cover and while that’s true, it’s hard to get past poor design when it’s what you look at every time you come to a blog. We chose blogs that were visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. We want beautiful content AND easy to use menus!

Oh She Glows

vegan blogs

Content: Vegan recipe blog with a variety of recipes and an emphasis on whole foods. The blog has a series called “Ask Angela” where she answers a variety of health and wellness questions as well as an extensive Vegan 101 list to make going vegan easy and accessible.

Who Runs it: Angela Liddon, a plant-based mama who has a passion for healing, delicious, share-worthy food.

How it Started: Angela started Oh She Glows as an outlet to write about recovery from an eating disorder, how transformational food can be, and her overall journey towards health. Angela started the blog as a hobby and it became popular fairly quickly. She began to use it as a place to post recipes that she had created. These recipes were plant-based and created with the desire to appeal to her husband’s fast food palate. Her blog’s mission evolved into creating delicious plant-based recipes that weren’t complicated and could be loved by everyone.

Why we love it: This blog is filled to the brim with delicious, usually easy to make recipes that everyone will love! Not only are there nutritious recipes (dessert included) but Angela has a ton of tips available whether it’s her holiday meal plans, what’s in her makeup bag or just answering FAQs! It’s one of our favorite go-tos when creating meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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Any other content? Angela has written two cookbooks, “The Oh She Glows Cookbook” and “Oh She Glows Every Day”. Angela also created an Oh She Glows recipe app.

Minimalist Baker

Content: A vegan recipe blog offering plant-based recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. Many recipes are gluten-free.

Who Runs it: Dana Shultz, a recipe developer, content creator, food photography, green smoothie lover and yogi.

How it Started: Dana grew up lactose intolerant and gave up dairy in her twenties. This led her to experiment with dairy-free baking and eventually egg-free baking. She used this as a focus when starting her blog.

Why we love it: This blog is stunning! Every recipe is beautifully styled with vivid colors that make you wish you were eating every recipe posted. The recipes are predominately whole foods based and usually pretty simple or quick, which is always a win with us. They stay on top of trends featuring items like dragonfruit and aquafaba.  It’s one of our go-to blogs because it has a wide variety of healthy vegan options that never disappoint.

Be sure to check out this post: 1 Pot Vegan Minestrone (Gluten Free)

Any other content? Minimalist Baker has a ton of content! From free blogger resources to food photography courses and food video courses. They have one book “Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking”, and eBook “31 Meals” and a few other freebies available upon subscribing to the blog.

Vegan Richa

vegan blogs

Content: A vegan recipe blog offering minimally processed recipes. This blog has an extensive section dedicated just to veganized authentic tasting Indian recipes.

Who Runs it: Richa Hingle-Garg, a vegan recipe developer and blogger who fosters dogs through two different organizations.

How it Started: Richa was once a software developer who after having brain surgery to remove a tumor, found her eyesight and nerves were affected. She turned to baking and cooking as a hobby when she couldn’t return to work. She began blogging as a hobby. Richa and her husband fostered dogs, and during this time she began learning about animal testing and animal cruelty. After adopting their dog and fostering another from a puppy mill, she made the connection with other species and how they are treated and began the transition to veganism in 2010.

Why we love it: Richa has a wide range of recipes that make it a great place to search for pretty much anything vegan using healthy ingredients. Our top reason for loving this blog though involves two words. Indian food. Most vegans know Indian cuisine pretty well since it’s so vegan-friendly. Richa seeks to make it accessible and authentic tasting for all aspiring home chefs.

Be sure to check out this post: 1 Pot Chickpea Sweet Potato Spinach Curry

Any other content? Richa has authored two books, “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen” and “ Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen”. Both are beautiful and practical and must-haves for any vegans who love to cook.

The Discerning Brute

Content: A men’s vegan lifestyle website featuring food, fashion, sports and culture for the “ethically handsome man.”

Who Runs it: Joshua Kutcher, a fashion designer, author, educator and activist.

How it Started: In 2008, Joshua created a men’s vegan lifestyle website. He created this website with a focus on traditional masculine pursuits as a way to appeal to mainstream men while showcasing compassion as the centerpiece of it all. Joshua’s blog was created to help shift the ideas of masculinity to encompass kindness, caring, gentleness and empathy. Joshua wanted to help eradicate the false stereotypes associated with vegan men.

Why we love it: This website has a wide variety of posts that are informative, cool and thought-provoking. We can learn about the latest in vegan ethical fashion while also getting a dose of mainstream culture when discovering what top athletes are plant-based. Bonus points for delicious recipes and how to arrange a vegan cheese platter.

Be sure to check out this post: Sea Change: Why Fashion Should Worry About Leather More Than Plastic

Any other content? Brave GentleMan, an apparel line that is ethically made, vegan, sustainably focused and embraces the slow-fashion production model. This gorgeous line features clothing, shoes, outwear, suits and accessories.

Kris Carr

vegan blogs

Content: An ultimate wellness website featuring whole foods, healing vegan recipes, articles on joy, meditation, sleep, holistic health and beauty tips and inspirational tips and information.

Who Runs it: Kris Carr

How it Started: In 2003, Kris was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. This served as a wakeup call to live life more fully, more joyfully and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Kris shifted her focus to spending more time in nature and the kitchen, eating a plant-based diet, lowering her stress, exercising and living joyfully.

Why we love it: This blog just oozes positivity and wellness! From delicious vegan recipes to learning how to be more productive, live in the moment or how to stress a little less, it’s our go to source for emotional wellness with a dose of green smoothies.

Be sure to check out this post: Forget Confidence, Choose Courage

Any other content? Kris is a content creating machine! On her website in the shop, you will find a ton of downloadable material such as books, meditations, love notes, lectures and a 21-day wellness program for free and purchase. Of note are: her movie Crazy Sexy Cancer, Her book “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, Crazy Sexy Diet, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and Crazy Sexy Juice.”

One Arab Vegan

Content: A vegan recipe blog with a focus on recreating healthy, plant-based Middle Eastern cuisine. There are also health and wellness posts, as well as a section dedicated to cultural acceptance when it comes to being vegan in Arab and Middle Eastern cultures.

Who Runs it: Neda, a self-proclaimed aspiring chef, health foodie, fitness enthusiast and animal lover.

How it Started: Neda struggled with weight, dieting and unhealthy habits until she discovered plant-based eating and raw foods. She overcame restrictive eating and unhealthy habits and replaced those with enjoying nourishing vegan meals and healthy exercising. Neda’s blog came from living abroad but missing her mother’s homemade, Egyptian meals. Neda decided to fuse her love with Middle Eastern Cuisine with plant-based eating to create healthy recipes.

Why we love it: Neda is amazing at creating recipes that are totally unique and 100 percent delicious! Nowhere else have we found such a wide variety of authentic, vegan Middle Eastern recipes. While we love all things kale and quinoa, we love to experience new flavors and recipes. This blog is perfect for expanding your repertoire and embracing new flavors.

Be sure to check out this post: Gluten Free Millet Mercimek Koftesi

Any other content? Currently, there is no additional content that Neda has available.

The Full Helping

vegan blogs

Content: A whole foods vegan recipe blog with beautiful pictures. This blog has thoughtful features such as “My Green Recovery” a series of guest posts intended “to explore the link between plant-based diets and recovery from disordered eating.” There is also a series called “Weekend Reading”, a collection of articles from the internet “that touch on health, wellness, and animal rights.”

Who Runs it: Gena Hamshaw, a certified nutritionist and thoughtful, enthusiastic vegan who overcame anorexia.

How it Started: Gena struggled with anorexia for thirteen years until in her early twenties she decided to form a healthy relationship with food while also going vegan. Veganism led Gena to learning how to cook, restoring her connection to food gradually, first as a form of nutrition and eventually as a source of pleasure. Formerly Choosing Raw, a vegan blog focused on raw foods and detoxification, Gena’s blog has evolved into a healing, dogma-free vegan recipe and education blog. The Full Helping has evolved to showcase healing recipes that highlight nourishing meals and celebrate delicious food.

Why we love it: Gena creates so much useful vegan content and thoughtful wellness content that we love just as much as the recipes. Her recipes are usually simple, extremely nourishing and use ingredients that every well-stocked vegan kitchen has. She never makes fussy meals, just beautiful simple ones that shine.

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Any other content? Gena has written three vegan recipe books “ Food52 Vegan: 60 Vegetable-Driven Recipes for Any Kitchen”, “Choosing Raw”, and “Power Plates”.


Content: An extensive collection of delicious vegan recipes featuring almost any whole food vegan ingredient you can think of and offering selections from donut holes to matcha lattes.

Who Runs it: Kathy Patalsky, a cat-loving passionate vegan who seeks to inspire others to live healthier, more compassionate lives.

How it Started: Kathy started her blog in 2007 fueled by her passion for veganism and helping others eat more plant-based foods. She sought to inspire others to eat well, love themselves, and embrace compassion they feel for animals.

Why we love it: Kathy makes delicious vegan food that inspires us outside our comfort zone of smoothies, salads and dinner bowls. Healthy recipes for donuts, savory scones and banana bread inspire a desire to break outside our norm and create new and exciting vegan dishes.

Be sure to check out this post: Mushroom Avocado Quesadillas

Any other content? Kathy has written two vegan cookbooks, “365 Vegan Smoothies” and “Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen”. Kathy founded the vegan recipe collection website Finding Vegan.

Simple Vegan Blog

vegan blogs

Content: A vegan recipe blog offering healthy, mostly whole foods based recipes that are easy to make.

Who Runs it: Alberto and Iosune, a couple who loves to travel and enjoys creating easy, vegan recipes.

How it Started: Alberto and Iosune started their blog as a way to share healthy, easy to make vegan recipes. Starting their blogs (they have one in Spanish too!) allows them the freedom to travel and experience new cultures. They seek to help others enjoy delicious vegan food, avoid causing animal suffering and live healthier lives while also supporting a healthier environment.

Why we love it: Simple vegan recipes sums it up. We love the wide variety of recipes offered and simplicity and ease always tops our list of needs when it comes to weeknight meals. As a bonus, they offer quite a few veganized traditional Spanish dishes that we haven’t seen anywhere else, yum!

Be sure to check out this post: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Any other content? Alberto and Iosune have created two eBooks, “Simple Vegan Meals” and “Simple Vegan Recipes”.

Sweet Potato Soul

Content: Vegan recipe blog with a variety of features such as cheap and easy recipes, vegan meal plans, Soul food Sundays and even how to plan a vegan wedding.

Who Runs it: Jenné Claiborne, an ethical vegan who is a vegan chef, health coach and cooking instructor.

How it Started: Jenné grew up being allowed to play with all kitchen ingredients imaginable, the start of her creative endeavors with food. In college, she became more health conscious and eventually started her blog to showcase delicious vegan food in a variety of ways.

Why we love it: Jenné gets comfort food, like, really gets it. Whenever we’re craving some serious vegan comfort food that isn’t overly processed we check out her blog. She also offers a variety of healthy salads, bowls, and desserts, making us feel right at home with a dose of comfort with our healthy preferences.

Be sure to check out this post: Spicy Fried Cauliflower “Chicken”

Any other content? Jenné has written a cookbook, “Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul” and an eBook “The 5 Ingredient Vegan cookbook.”

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