Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety can feel like worry, or generally being uncomfortable, or a preoccupation with a thought, or a pit of your stomach nauseousness. It can come and go with little frequency or it can be a nonstop feeling for long periods of time. 

While anxiety can be completely normal and is common for everyone to experience from time to time, it can also be debilitating. Anxiety disorders are extremely common among adults and affect 40 million adults in the United States. While it is important to identify if your anxiety is common or a disorder, research points to some relatively simple ways to help alleviate some or all of the feeling or to help cope with it.  While anxiety can cause sleep issues, sleep deprivation or just not sleeping enough can contribute to it. Studies have also found a well balanced and mineral-rich diet along with healthy fats can aid in lowering anxiety.

Crystals For Anxiety

Sometimes, however, life can feel overwhelming and while it may be temporary, anxiety may feel harder to shake. Getting sufficient sleep and eating a nutrient-dense diet can go far. But sometimes it feels like a little something extra is needed to help cope. One great tool is using crystals for anxiety. Crystals have been admired and used by humans for thousands of years as both pieces to adorn ourselves as well as powerful healing tools. While science has not validated crystals as healing tools, many people use them as a way to help them heal emotionally, mentally or physically in addition to other modalities. People often buy crystals and either carry them around with them or have them at home and sit with them or meditate with them for healing. Most crystals are relatively affordable making this one easy option to try with no risk other than a financial investment. 

How do I pick out the right crystal?

Choosing crystals for anxiety can be a spontaneous process or more in-depth . Choosing the right crystal depends on what process feels best to you. You can simply go to a crystal store and pick the crystal you find most appealing or you can choose to go inward and mentally and emotionally meditate on your anxiety to help you find out what crystal may benefit you most.

What is causing my anxiety and how does that relate to crystals?

Figuring out the source of why you’re feeling anxious can be a challenge. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint what is causing it, such as worry over the outcome of a specific event, relationship problems, fear of the future and the unknown, monetary problems or even regrets from the past. Anxiety and feelings of overwhelm can present themselves for a variety of reasons and if you’re able to figure out specifically what is causing your anxiety it can help you pick out the best crystal for promoting a sense of calm. All crystals have specific properties and can help with specific things, such as helping promote ease in relationships, promoting success and financial stability, helping to move forward with peace, etc. So knowing what is causing it can help you look up a specific crystal that is perfect for your situation. 

The Best Crystals for Anxiety

Rose Quartz, as its name suggests, is a pink variety of quartz crystal. It is often said to be a stone of profound love for others and cultivating love within oneself. As a powerful stone of love, it’s excellent for bringing calm and peace to relationships, helping heal a broken heart, and helping one to let go of heart others have caused. It has a soothing quality that can be great for anyone with anxiety especially if that anxiety is due to relationships with others or with oneself. Its a great crystal for daily use and wear.

Shungite can range in color from metallic to black to streaks of red, gold or purple. It’s an incredibly powerful stone. It can purify water as well as help protect one from EMF’s and radiation. It can also help neutralize and purify one’s body. It’s grounding as well. As Shungite is so grounding, it’s great for those suffering from worry and anxiety as they tend to be very head centered activities. Shungite invites us to be in the here and the now and address life as it is coming. It is also an excellent healing stone for the body, helping to create balance and breath life into your life.

Moonstone can be light or dark grey with whites, teals and blues in it. It is a stone of illumination. It can help us travel deep within to find and understand all parts of oneself so that one can function as a thriving and whole individual. This stone can be useful to those with anxiety as it can help you see more clearly what is causing that anxiety. It can also illuminate just how powerful and amazing you are and help one to move beyond anxious fears of not being enough.

Onyx is a deep, rich black stone. As with all black stones, Onyx is a great protector and can help protect you from anything that may be bringing you anxiety. Onyx is thought to be a stone of self-exploration, helping you to understand all aspects of yourself and appreciate them. It can assist you in understanding and trusting your intuition. This is a great stone for those who feel fear due to anxiety. It is also great for those who feel anxiety due to feelings of inadequately about themselves.

Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone that can also have dark grey, black and white in it. It’s a powerful stone for calming, intuition, communication and truth. Sodalite is a powerful ally against anxiety on several levels. Sodalite brings a feeling of calm and peace. It can also help one to find the truth of a situation in that peace. Additionally, Sodalite helps hone your intuition and can aid in revealing the truth through this. As a blue stone, it can aid in communication and can help you to express yourself, your anxiety or help you to discern the truth through communication.

Iolite is a blue, violet and white stone, and it is great for inner exploration. It helps illuminate all parts of oneself. It has a calming presence as well and can aid in understanding experiences. Iolite can invoke one's creativity and can aid in problem-solving. For those with anxiety, it promotes calmness and invites creative solutions for whatever may be troubling you in your life.

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