We all experience moments in life where we feel unsafe. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of the future and what it holds for our lives. Perhaps there’s a grand adventure coming up that you’re planning and it’s to a new and foreign place. Perhaps you’re feeling extremely emotionally vulnerable due to some unforeseen circumstances or challenges. At times, it can be more serious and it’s the threat of physical harm from others or the threat of disease in the body. 

Whatever is causing you to feel unsafe, it’s important to recognize what you’re experiencing. Once you can recognize the feeling you can begin to find ways to remedy it. One easy and fun way to summon protection into our lives is by using crystals. Whether you find a piece of jewelry or just carry a crystal in your pocket, these small stones can help give you a sense of protection and safety in your life. 

How do I pick out the right crystal?

Choosing crystals for protection can be a simple and quick process or more in-depth. Selecting the best crystal depends on what process feels most right to you. You can go to a crystal store and simply pick the crystal you find most appealing or you can choose to go inward and work on the mental and emotional aspects surrounding your feelings of lack of safety. Working on your thoughts and feelings in conjunction with taking physical action can help give you a better sense of precisely what crystal will aid you in your process.

Why do I feel like I need protection and how does that relate to crystals?

Finding the source of your feelings about feeling unsafe can be challenging or painful. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint what is causing it such as worry over money, anxiety about your future, a diagnosis you weren’t expecting or emotional vulnerability in an unforeseen situation. Feeling a need for protection can present itself for a variety of reasons both physical and emotional. Knowing the cause can help you pick out the best crystal for promoting a sense of safety and protection. All crystals have specific properties. They can help with specific things such as protecting you from negativity, helping to alleviate worry, promoting financial abundance, etc. So knowing what is causing this feeling can help you look up a specific crystal that is perfect for your situation.

The Best Crystals for Protection

The following crystals are the best ones to promote a sense of safety and bring a feeling of protection to your life. You may notice most of these crystals are either black or dark in color. Many stones that are traditionally thought of as protective are black. They offer protection from negativity as well as a sense of grounding and a feeling of being safe in the here and now. Seek these stones out and hold each one. See which one feels the best or calls to you to help you feel protected in whatever you are going through.

Hematite is typically a black, shiny stone with hints of red or silver. It’s known to be extremely grounding which can help one to think more clearly, focus, and be present in times of fear or lack of safety. Hematite is often regarded as a stone that is exceptionally detoxifying of negative emotions. Detoxifying your own negative emotions or aiding you in detoxifying your life of negative emotions from those you encounter can promote a sense of calm and help you feel protected in your daily life. Hematite is a great stone for becoming present to what you are currently experiencing and helping you to move beyond it into a calmer state.

Tourmaline is a beautiful black stone. It is thought to be one of the most protective stones, offering protection from physical, energetic and psychic threats. This stone is excellent at expelling negativity from within and without. Tourmaline is extremely grounding and can root you in the here and now. It’s a stone that evokes power from within and can help you feel your power. Tourmaline is a great stone for all-around protection and is also particularly beneficial if you feel unsafe from peoples negativity.

Shungite can range in color from metallic to black to streaks of red, gold or purple. It’s an incredibly powerful stone. It can purify water as well as help protect one from EMF’s and radiation. It can also help neutralize and purify one’s body. It’s grounding as well. Shungite is a great stone for those who feel sensitive to modern technology and for those who need protection in bodily healing from ailments and disease. 

Obsidian comes in a variety of forms but we are discussing the black color. It is profoundly revealing and protective. It helps one understand all aspects of themselves and get to the root of their problems. It’s particularly helpful for working through trauma. Obsidian is highly protective in all situations whether its from verbal, physical, mental or emotional harm. Obsidian is a great stone for complete protection from all negativity from others as well as your own. 

This variety of quartz has several variations that tend to be smokey or dark colored. Smoky quartz is an incredibly useful stone for those experiencing fear. As The Crystal Vaults stares:

“An extraordinary amulet of protection, Smoky Quartz helps guard the home, vehicles and possessions against theft, damage and accidents caused by human error. Keep one in a purse, a bag in the glove box or near valuables, especially if left unattended for long periods of time. As a driving crystal, Smoky Quartz protects against road rage and other harm while driving on motorways, on long journeys or in heavy traffic by reducing stress and increasing concentration. It also shields against unexpected mechanical breakdowns. [Eason, 122]”

In addition to its protective properties, Smoky quartz can help to dissolve all negativity and fear within yourself and your life. As a variety of quartz, it is a cleansing stone and can help you remove from yourself and your environment anything that is not generating life in your life. Smoky Quartz is a great stone for overall protection as well as cleansing your life of negativity.

Fluorite comes in a few colors, however, we are discussing the green and purple variety. It is a well-loved and powerful stone. It helps promote calm and helps one to find peace within. Fluorite can be useful with bringing about clarity into one’s life and finding your way through any bit of haze. It can help one to communicate their needs. Crystal Vaults also stated that:

“Fluorite gives form and structure to energies, ideas and concepts,”. Fluorite can help one understand why they are feeling unsafe or a need for protection and formulate a plan to work through it and feel peace in their life.

Labradorite varies widely in color from blacks, browns, and grays with shimmery blues, yellows and teals. It has long been a highly regarded and favorite stone of people worldwide. It inspires self-discovery, helping one learn themselves and all their hidden capabilities. It’s great for creativity and inspiring imagination. Labradorite is extremely protective of one's self, helping to ward off all negativity, strengthen yourself, and protective from the negativity in the outside world. Labradorite is a great stone to carry daily for protection and helping one know oneself.

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