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Vegan brands and products are showing up everywhere, from expected places like Whole Foods Market to more unexpected places such as Walmart. In addition to vegan products showing up in many mainstream stores, online shopping has made it incredibly easy, affordable and relatively accessible to live a vegan lifestyle. With so many vegan brands and products available from burgers and cheese to shoes, wallets and even supplements, it can be hard to discern what products are worth investing in. Whether it’s the question of “does it taste amazing?”  Or “will these shoes last more than one season?” It can be hard to figure out what products to try. Additionally, more consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned with a company's ethics, does it pay it’s workers fairly, does it support sustainable practices, does it offer products that are making a meaningful impact in the world? 

We understand the desire to purchase products that are not only ethical and meaningful, but will be worth your dollar and last long! We’ve rounded up our top ten favorite vegan companies that are offering amazing products in a variety of categories such as food, shoes, jewelry and supplements. These companies all stand out because they offer exceptional products. Exceptional products to us mean a variety of different things, such as sourcing organic ingredients or materials, using sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, being outspoken advocates for animals, or simply offering products that can change and shape industries in ways that vegan products have yet to. 

How We Picked Our Top 10 Vegan Brands

While there are a lot of fantastic vegan companies with great products, we only choose our current favorites. We’ve included a list of links at the bottom to share some of our past articles highlighting some of our favorite vegan brands and products in case you’re seeking out something in particular. In a time when veganism is so available and accessible, it’s time we ask more of companies, to ask them to go the extra mile to produce items that not only make a difference in the world but also contribute to a more sustainable way of living, even if that’s just making exceptionally good organic vegan ice cream to help people make more compassionate choices.

​Vegan Brands for Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Company: Native Shoes

What They Offer

Men's, women's, and children shoes in a variety of styles for different climates and environments.

Why We Love Them

This PETA-approved company has made their mission to be animal-free since their inception. As they state they want to respect “ our animal and human friends equally”. The shoes they make are created in factories that are monitored to ensure there is no forced labor, regulation of wages and monitoring of work hours. The company also offers recycling of their shoes through their stores in San Jose as well as through Zappos. They strive to be a conscious company that is creating plausible change in the fashion world by offering exceptionally comfortable shoes that do not contain animal products and are ethically made. And that’s why we love them. Their shoes are also some of the comfiest we’ve ever owned. And a look through customer reviews will find the same sentiment, with people purchasing multiple pairs.

Company: In The Soulshine

in the soul shine logo

What They Offer

Women's, men's, kids' and babies' clothing, as well as stickers, bags, totes, and bracelets.

Why We Love Them

This vegan proud company is on a mission to raise awareness about veganism and inspire others. Created by a passionate vegan mama, this company focuses on ethical working conditions in their small production house, paying their employees above minimum wage, offering a nice work environment and free lunch daily. The company is seeking to convert their entire line to organic cotton and have started doing so. The company also stopped using plastic and packages in biodegradable bags, one more testament to their dedication to the environment. We absolutely love their ethics and their messages, whether it’s “Eat Fruit Not Friends” or simple “be kind.” They offer up inspiring messages that offer a compassionate perspective.

Company: Westland Jewelry

westland logo

What They Offer

Gold and bronze jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

Why We Love Them

This jewelry company was founded by a vegan who wanted to align her business with her ethics. All the products she makes are PETA-approved. Westland Jewelry is made from only recycled metals so it has the same quality. However it isn’t environmentally destructive or rife with human rights violations that are common in the metal mining industry. All stones used are either lab-grown or fair trade so there isn’t a concern about human rights violations. She also produces the jewelry herself or uses local services to ensure she can oversee the entire process. Beautiful jewelry that doesn’t have a heavy toll on human rights or the environment is hard to find, and this company has nailed it exquisitely.

Company: Brave Gentlemen

Brave Gentlemen

What They Offer

A variety of organic and sustainably made men’s clothing and accessories such as shirts, tops, suits, shoes, and bags.

Why We Love Them

The founder of Brave Gentlemen was a longtime vegan who truly understands that veganism extends beyond just omitting animals and involves working towards a more sustainable future for all. Brave Gentlemen embraces a slow fashion model and uses a variety of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, fabric made from plastic bottles, and bamboo. The company seeks to create high quality, fashionable clothing in an ethical and sustainable manner and does so exceptionally well.

Vegan Supplement Brands

Company: Kind Life Vitamins


What They Offer

A complete line of all vegan, organic, non-GMO, no fillers and no binders supplements. Products such as prenatal vitamins, a B12 spray, a d3 spray, and elderberry syrup.

Why We Love Them

Created by long-time vegan Alicia Silverstone with Garden of Life, these supplements are a dream. Truly vegan, all organic, no fillers and whole foods based, it’s what supplements should be. The company offers an extensive line of vitamins, multivitamins, herbs, herbal blends and even gummies so there is something for everyone, whether a die-hard healthy enthusiast who wants to add in adaptogens or a pregnant woman who is looking for the best prenatal and can’t gag down pills. We love just how high quality the items are and that they are entirely whole foods based and easier to absorb for the body. 

Company: HealthForce Superfoods

What They Offer

All vegan and organic whole foods based nutrient dense powders, superfoods and supplements. Products such as Chlorella Manna, MacaForce, Liver Rescue, Vita-mineral Green and Digestion Enhancement Enzymes.

Why We Love Them

This superfood company was founded by a longtime vegan and avid health enthusiast who loved researching the most nutrient dense foods in the world. HealthForce Superfoods offers products that are not only extremely nutrient dense or highly detoxifying, but they follow a strict set of standards set forth by the company. All products are organic and ingredients are tested for GMO’s, pesticides, microbiological activity and even gluten to ensure that only the highest quality and cleanest products are offered. This company seeks to uphold high standards to ensure consumers get the best quality products that are great for their health and the earth. We love these products because they’re great to travel with or use in everyday smoothies and they taste noticeably better than many similar products on the market. 

Vegan Food Brands

Company: Miyoko’s Creamery


What They Offer

A variety of cashew based vegan soft and hard cheeses and cultured vegan butter.

Why We Love Them

Miyoko’s Creamery produces absolutely amazing products that have the potential to change the world by showing just how delicious nondairy cheese can be. Founded by longtime vegan, farm sanctuary founder and activist Miyoko Schinner, this company focuses on making a positive change in the world through plant-based cheeses and butter. Using a mix of traditional cheese making methods, modern technology and cultures, Miyoko’s offers creamy, tangy, full-flavored cheeses in a variety of textures that rival any “top” quality cheese you’ve ever tasted. The products promise nothing artificial and exclude the use of GMO’s, gluten and soy in all but one of their cheeses. This makes them perfect for a wide variety of dietary preferences. 

Company: Nada Moo Ice Cream


What They Offer

All organic, non-GMO, gluten-free coconut milk-based vegan ice cream.

Why We Love Them

Nada Moo has created an incredible product that is great for those that are vegan or just have intolerances to dairy, and gluten. They are certified organic which means more sustainable farming practices and less destructive agricultural practices in the world. We mostly love this company because they offer an incredibly delicious product that is healthy and tastes so good that even those who aren’t vegan want to enjoy it. They’ve managed to create a product that has potential to positively influence people who aren’t vegan and show them just how delicious ice cream, a wildly popular food, can be without the dairy.

Company: Oatly

What They Offer

A small selection of plain, flavored and barista style oat-based plant milks.

Why We Love Them

Anyone who has tried Oatly knows its just that delicious. Oatly products are smooth and creamy and are delicious chilled or added to hot beverages. The company has been working for years to create delicious, oat-based plant milk that is usable in a variety of ways and the end result is phenomenal. The company uses gluten-free oats and promises that they are constantly trying to provide the best product that is affordable for everyone. Oatly is not certified organic due to the cost of purchasing organic gluten-free oats. However, they DO carefully source oats from farms that do not use glyphosate and regularly test their farmers' crops to ensure compliance. This is a huge win for the planet and for human health all while offering a nut-free and gluten-free plant-based milk that is perfect for just about any use.

Company: Loving Earth Chocolate


What They Offer

Raw organic vegan chocolate in a variety of traditional and unique flavors such as Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and Lemon Cheesecake.

Why We Love Them

This company not only creates amazing, healthy and high-quality vegan chocolate, but they do so sustainably. Loving Earth seeks out their cacao directly from farmers that use traditional permaculture, heirloom varieties and sustainable growing practices. As they state:

Our vision is to be able to take the manufacturing of the products we develop back to the indigenous communities who grow and process the raw materials, thereby adding more value to their work and increasing the revenue they can generate for their families.”

Alongside this, the company uses all biodegradable and compostable packaging. Besides being incredibly environmentally friendly and delicious, the bars are all sweetened exclusively with coconut sugar and are free from soy and gluten, making them perfect for any diet.

​​​Links to Our Other Favorite Vegan Brands and Products

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