It seems everywhere you look, from blogs to magazines to even major cooking shows, veggie noodles are popping up. From zucchini, to sweet potatoes, to beets, carrots, squash and even cucumber, these vegetable-based noodles are clearly a trend that's here to stay. Vegetable-based noodles are a great way to get in more antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber while keeping your blood sugar stable and opting out of grains which can be inflammatory for some people. With so many veggie noodle recipes popping up, it's important to pick the best spiralizer for your needs. Any google search or Amazon search will yield a ton of options. So how do you decide what spiralizer is best for you? 

A few things to consider when investing in a vegetable spiralizer:

  • How often do you think you’ll make vegetable noodles? If you want to cut down or cut out grains or just eat more vegetables, you may consider making noodles one or more times a week. If you plan on making vegetable noodles often, it may be wise to consider a higher budget to invest in a long term, high quality option for your kitchen.
  • How much money do you have to spend? While it may be nice to buy top of the line, it isn’t always necessary depending on your usage and there can be several more budget friendly options that get the job done.
  • How much space do you have to store your spiralizer? Some spiralizers are compact and can fit in a drawer. While many others are relatively large and will either require counter space or a large space in a kitchen cabinet. It’s worthwhile to consider your kitchen size as well as available space before investing in a spiralizer.

We’ve scoured the Internet and used quite a few of these ourselves to help you find the best vegetable spiralizers money can buy. While there are a ton of options available, many can be disappointing to use as they’re hard to clean, don’t deliver consistent sizes, or don’t use the entire vegetable. We’ve found the very best options from the simplest to the most complex, from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, from small to large to accommodate every vegetable noodle lovers preferences. Read on to discover what spiralizers are the best and which may be the best purchase for you. We’ve also gathered a few of our favorite recipes to inspire you to enjoy your new purchase.

Which is the Best Spiralizer for Vegetables for You?

Brand: Joyce Chen Saladacco Spiral Slicer

best spiralizer or vegetables

Cost: $36.99

Why It’s a Good Choice: This durable spiralizer comes with two sizing options, one being a more angel hair like noodle size. The unit is rather durable and easy to clean. And because it’s relatively compact, it can be easier for those without a lot of extra storage space. The device has a catch bin making it easy to contain the noodles you’re making.

Possible Drawbacks: This machine has a learning curve when it comes to making the best noodles. It has garnered pretty divided reactions ranging from love to complete dislike. The price is fairly high, so it’s a lot to invest for only two noodle options.

Brand: Spirooli Slicer and Peeler

best spiralizer for vegetables

Cost: $22.99

Why It’s a Good Choice: This spiralizer comes with three blades for three unique noodle shapes. It tends to make great noodles from a variety of vegetables with different firmnesses and textures. The spirooli can be easy to find in stores. The blades all store in the machine making it more compact to store. The bottom has suction cup feet making it adhere to whatever surface you’re working on for easier spiralizing.

Possible Drawbacks: This model has the potential to break easily if not handled gently and with care. It doesn’t offer as much variety as some other models. But it’s great if you don’t care about having a lot of sizes. It can be challenging to clean and requires some space to store.

Brand: Paderno World Cuisine 6 Blade Spiralizer

best spiralizer for vegetables

Cost: $24.70

Why It’s a Good Choice: This spiralizer is BPA free and comes with 6 different blades offering the user a variety of options for noodles. It’s relatively easy to use and comes with suction cup feet to attach to whatever surface you’re working on. It comes with a brush to make cleaning the blades and crevices much easier. Its price is extremely affordable, especially for such a wide variety of noodle options. 

Possible Drawbacks: This model requires some getting used to before being able to properly use it. It may take varying amounts of pressure and speed to produce the noodles. It doesn’t offer storage on the machine meaning it requires extra space for all its blades. The plastic feels a little flimsier than some models, so it may not last as long. 

best spiralizer for vegetables

Cost: $24.99

Why It’s a Good Choice: This heavy-duty, BPA free spiralizer is a great option for long term and frequent use. This spiralizer comes with five different blades for five truly unique and varied sizes of veggie noodles. Its design is easy to use and features suction cup feet to attach to whatever surface you’re working on. It has storage on the machine for all its blades making storage of it and it’s parts relatively easy. The price is extremely affordable for all that this model is offering.

Possible Drawbacks: As with other models like this, there is a bit of a learning curve when figuring out how much pressure and how fast to turn the machine to make the noodles come out in one piece. The size isn’t huge but does require some extra space and forethought as to where it can be stored. Vegetable juices do tend to drop on these into a lot of crevices and cracks so it takes a thorough cleaning immediately to be sure nothing sticks.

Brand: Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer, 8 into 1 Spiral Slicer

best spiralizer for vegetables

Cost: $23.97

Why It’s a Good Choice: This spiralizer comes with a variety of blades, offering a few different sizes and shapes of veggie noodles. It comes with suction feet to hold it onto whatever surface you’re working on for easy use. The noodles fall into a small bin to help keep them contained and from flying all over, which is a nice addition. It stores all the parts on the machine itself, making it well contained. The price is relatively cheap and affordable making this a great option for anyone who wants to have the option of vegetable noodles in a variety of sizes.

Possible Drawbacks: There is some learning curve with getting to use this and making the noodles come out the best size possible. The bin could be a potential issue if you have to continuously empty it to make noodles for a family. The size isn’t huge but is big enough to consider where you have to store it.

Brand: OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler

best spiralizer for vegetables

Cost: $9.99

Why It’s a Good Choice: This simple handheld peeler may appear lackluster, but it truly is a great option for vegetable noodles. This peeler creates consistent sized noodles quickly and easily from a variety of vegetables including softer ones like zucchini and firmer ones such as carrots. This peeler is incredibly easy to use, washes up quickly and easily, and is compact so stores pretty much anywhere. The cheap price also makes it appealing for any who are curious to try veggie noodles but don’t want to invest a lot.

Possible Drawbacks: This peeler is overall a great choice but only makes one size noodle, so there isn’t a lot of variety. It also is hard to make noodles with challenging shaped veggies, such as beets.

Recipes In Which You Can Use Your Spiralizer

Now a few recipes to inspire you when your new spiralizer arrives…

This creative recipe is extremely simple and easy to make. Using only a handful of whole foods based ingredients, it’s warm, comforting and a great way to enjoy butternut squash that doesn’t involve soup.

This dish is so easy to make and is jam-packed with flavor! Using a base of zucchini and carrot noodles and just a handful of ingredients, this dish is relatively cheap to make and is rather filling while still managing to be pretty low carb.

Vegan Beet and Cheese Noodles

Serves 2

Beets and cheese are a classic flavor combination and this dish hits that spot! Using beet noodles, an easy pesto, and nut cheese, it comes together quickly and easily for a delicious take on a classic dish.

Spiralize your beets until you have roughly 3-4 cups beet noodles. You can steam them briefly for 5 minutes to soften them up or leave them raw. Toss the beets with either a few tbsp of fresh pesto or just olive oil until well mixed. On each plate, put one cup of kale. Next, top the kale with the beets. Finally, top with your favorite nut cheese either grated or dolloped on top. A small drizzle of lemon juice and sea salt on top of each plate completes it. Now dig in and enjoy!

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