It’s 2018 and let’s share a collective high five, vegan recipes are in abundance! Thanks to the Internet and a plethora of vegan cookbooks, you can find pretty much any food you desire in vegan form. From French food veganized, to classic comfort food, junk food favorites and pretty much every kind of meat and cheese alternative, it’s a great time to be a vegan who cooks.

It can be a little overwhelming skimming through pages of Google searches, blog posts or Pinterest, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten rated best vegan recipes on the internet. It was no small task, but we somehow managed to include classic comfort foods, current trends, breakfast food, and even dessert. We’ve made sure our list is well rounded from sweet to savory, smoothies and salads as well as nachos and pancakes. We’ve got something on this list for everyone, so take a look and start cooking!

Recipe: Vegan Mac and Cheese

best vegan recipes

Where to Find it: the kitchn

Why We Chose it: Is there any recipe more synonymous with our childhood than mac and cheese? It’s a warm, filling, perfect mix of carbs and fat and not many other recipes hit our comfort food spot quite like it.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: If you’re looking to lower the fat content a bit or enjoy food that is a little less rich, try this recipe here.

Our Suggestions:

Recipe: Vegan Nachos

Where to Find it: The Minimalist Baker

Why We Chose it: Nachos are hands down one of the best snack foods ( turned dinner foods) in our book and we can’t get enough! Sure they take a little forethought and preparation, but is there really anything better than sitting down to a plate of hot nachos? We think not. 

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: If you want something a little fancier and don’t mind the extra effort, this cauliflower walnut taco meat is divine and would make the perfect substitute for the black beans. 

Our Suggestions:

Recipe: Cajun Spiced Smoky Vegan Sloppy Joes

Where to Find it: Vegan Richa

Why We Chose it: Sloppy Joes are one of those foods that are just so hearty and filling and are perfect for summer get togethers. We love that this recipe is whole foods based and free of major allergens. As a bonus, this is a great recipe to serve to non vegans and show them just how delicious plant based eating can be!

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: This recipe is super easy to change up and remake into new dish! Try swapping out the carrots and zucchini for sweet potatoes and using a taco seasoning mix or spices in lieu of her cajun suggested ones. Serve it on tortillas with hot sauce, potatoes, shredded romaine and vegan cheese shreds for a delicious taco alternative.

Our Suggestions: These sloppy joes are amazingly filling so we prefer to serve them in a wrap like the Siete almond flour tortillas and add in a dash of crunch and fresh with a raw slaw recipe like this vegan keto crack slaw. This keeps them lighter and fresh without feeling too heavy, and allowing us to fill up on more sloppy Joe deliciousness and less bread.

Recipe: Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

best vegan recipes

Where to Find it: Detoxinista

Why We Chose it: The ever trendy cauliflower crusts that have been all over the internet for years have been far from vegan, using eggs and dairy to hold them together. Low and behold, we vegans finally get to enjoy a grain free option, and now we totally get why they’re all the rage. This crust is absolutely delicious and doesn’t leave you feeling overly full, meaning you can load it up with veggies and toppings and not feel bloated. 

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: We are in love with this crust, but as with all things pizza, we find we want to eat a lot of it. We suggest at least doubling this recipe for a meal, and making a few extra crusts to freeze for easy weeknight dinners.

Our Suggestions: We all have our favorite ways to enjoy pizza, so we dare not tell you how to enjoy it, just simply suggest the following. Purchase black garlic, peel 4-5 cloves and mash them. Add 2-4 tbsp olive oil and mix well. Apply this to your crust under the sauce then top with fresh basil, roasted tomatoes and nut cheese of choice. Broil for a few minutes until slightly darkened. 

Recipe: All Veggie Vegan Pad Thai

Where to Find it: Kitchen Window Clovers

Why We Chose it: We love Pad Thai, it’s one of our absolute favorite dishes and this version is exceptionally delicious. It’s whole food based, minimal ingredients and substitutes sweet potato for the noodles, making it a great option for those that are grain free, gluten free or just want something a little lighter and more flavorful. 

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: If you want a heartier meal, swap out the sweet potato noodles for rice Pad Thai noodles. 

Our Suggestions: This recipe is so flavorful we have few suggestions. Ginger goes really well with all of the flavors so adding 2 tsp of grated ginger will give it a little extra warmth and zing. For a lower fat version, you can add an additional half cup of pumpkin, use 1/2 cup of peanut butter and only 1 cup of water.

Recipe: Kale Salad with Macadamia Feta and Lemon Vinaigrette 

Where to Find it: LoveFed

Why We Chose it: We all know kale is good for us, and even that it can taste truly amazing when prepared well. This salad goes above and beyond to highlight just how delicious this hearty green can be. Serve this to anyone skeptical of kale and you’ll have a convert on your hands. It’s sweet, it’s savory, it’s light and filling. It satisfies every taste and leaves you wanting more. Plus, the macadamia feta is an amazing staple recipe that you can use on pizzas, pasta and wraps. 

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: We absolutely are in love with the flavors and textures of the recipe as is. Our only suggestion would be to add a tsp or two of miso to the macadamia feta to add a depth of flavor that is reminiscent of traditional cheese.

Our Suggestions: Make an extra batch of the macadamia feta. Make spaghetti and toss it with roasted garlic olive oil, freshly steamed asparagus, and top with the feta for a simple yet flavorful meal.

Recipe: Green Smoothie

best vegan recipes

Where to Find it: Bonberi

Why We Chose it: Greens are oh so good for us and make us feel our best, so we’re always looking for more delicious ways to get them in. This recipe has all our favorite alkalizers, plus fruit and herbs, making it a truly healthy yet luscious smoothie. The unexpected mango adds a tropical note while the mint makes it feel fresh and the bananas keep it creamy and dare we say, milkshake like.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: This smoothie contains mint, which is known to have a variety of medicinal properties, such as aiding in digestion. If mint isn’t your favorite herb or you want to switch it out, try adding in fresh holy basil or regular basil. They both have medicinal properties and will make your smoothie taste oh so fresh and divine.

Our Suggestions: This smoothie is so easy to change to accommodate any tastebuds! Don’t like bananas? Throw in half a ripe avocado! We prefer to omit the apple, and add fresh pineapple for a truly tropical treat!

Recipe: Chocolate Hemp Protein Balls

Where to Find it: Oh She Glows

Why We Chose it: Energy balls or snack balls are such an easy to make snack and are perfect to have on hand for when you’re feeling like you want dessert or need a little energy boost without wanting to make a full meal. They’re also ideal for on the go when you just don’t have the time for much else! And let’s be honest, anything with chocolate is always a good choice.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: We highly recommend you try these with her suggestion of raw cacao powder. You’ll get a great feel good boost with energy to boot without a crash.

Our Suggestions: If you aren’t a fan of hemp seeds or don’t have any on hand, try using an equal amount of macadamia nuts or raw almonds. Both taste phenomenal with chocolate and with impart a richness and unique flavor.

Recipe: Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes and Frosting

Where to Find it: The Full Helping

Why We Chose it: Honestly, what vegan doesn’t love chocolate and avocados? This combination is stellar and is the ultimate indulgence without leaving you feeling heavy or like you’ve consumed a years worth of fat and sugar.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: Try using raw cacao powder instead of cocoa powder for a more intense flavor.

Our Suggestions: Cupcakes are always better with toppings, so we have a few ideas. Adding shredded coconut, raw cacao nibs, shaved chocolate or powdered freeze dried berries will give a delightful extra bit of texture and flavor. 

Recipe: Whole Wheat Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

best vegan recipes

Where to Find it: Running on Real Food

Why We Chose it: Breakfast food is hands down some of the best food, and perfectly enough, can be eaten all day. There is nothing quite like a fluffy, freshly made pancake with butter and syrup, and this recipe totally hits the spot.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: For a gluten free option, try using a cup for cup replacement blend such as Bob’s Red Mill or try using a gluten free oat flour.

Our Suggestions: Pancakes just as is are amazing. Pancakes with add in’s and toppings are amazing. We highly recommend trying them multiple ways! Try adding in dark chocolate chips or frozen wild blueberries. Topping with almond butter, fresh strawberries and maple syrup is absolutely divine! A more classic combo of topping with peanut butter and banana rounds is equally delicious and won’t let you down! 

And because we couldn’t help ourselves, we chose two runners up. There are just too many amazing vegan recipes available, and it’s always good to have multiple options to try, right?

Recipe: Creamy Vegan Skillet Lasagna

Where to Find it: The Full Helping

Why We Chose it: Lasagna is one of those rich, dreamy meals that feels so warm and comforting but also seems a little daunting at times. For those of us who don’t have the patience or time to cook separate ingredients then arrange them artfully, this recipe is a lifesaver. It gives all the goodness of lasagna minus the extra focus and attention to detail needed.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: The cashew cream is absolutely dreamy and divine however an additional vegan cheese such as Kite Hill ricotta takes it over the edge. Adding a half cup of the crumbles drives home the rich, comfort food feeling.

Our Suggestions: Lasagna is one of those dishes that can be made so many different ways and result in a variety of different yet delicious dishesWe love adding a large handful of fresh basil to our lasagna to keep it feeling light and flavorful. Another delicious addition is drizzling it with fresh pesto when done. Adding in leftover mushrooms or even freshly cooked mushrooms if you want to do a little extra work in place of the meat crumble is another great alternative for extra texture and flavor.

Recipe: Melty Stretchy Gooey Vegan Mozzarella

Where to Find it: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Why We Chose it: Let’s be real, almost everyone has a hard time finding good vegan cheeses that mimic and taste like the real thing. While there are a ton of delicious products on the market finally, it’s harder to make ones at home. Or make ones that are melty but not super processed. This cheese is so flavorful and requires minimal ingredients and processing, finally giving us the cheesy experience we were looking for minus the dairy.

Tips To Enjoy Or Change: Adding in different spices like paprika and chili powder can change the flavor profile from light and mozzarella like to more nacho like and help to make this recipe more versatile.

Our Suggestions: This cheese can be used in a lot of ways, such as grilled cheese, lasagna, nachos, or a layered dip. We’re fond of it on toasted bread thats first been rubbed with raw garlic and sprinkled with salt for a cheesy bread vibe.

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